So, you are evaluating digital signage...

The evaluation phase is often overlooked and underappreciated resulting in deployments that are ineffective, costly and underutilized. By using Hammond as a partner in this early stage you can lower costs, make more efficient use of resources, take less time and enjoy a more effective solution that closely aligns with your objectives. Furthermore, we can provide the valuable service to fit any budget.

Hammond’s technology and content skills, coupled with industry experience, provide the perfect blend of resources to optimize this process and improve the success of your implementation. We are digital signage practitioners who understand every aspect of a successful solution. Hammond’s advantage is the experience and intellectual property we have gathered implementing more than 300 players in over 100 locations.

Evaluation Process

Begin Evaluation

  • Discovery
    • Define Goals
    • Define Success
  • Define Key Team Members
    • Client
    • Third Party
  • Client Education
    • DS Elements
  • Discuss Digital Signage Models / Options
    • Pros / Cons

IT / IS Department

Marketing Department

Facilities Department

Comprehensive and Documented

  • Cost Analysis
    • (Initial / Ongoing)
    • (Internal / External)
  • Component Review
    • Specifications
  • Content Review
    • Guidelines
    • Best Practices
  • Workflow Analysis
    • Guidelines
    • Best Practices
  • Planning
    • Pilot Strategy
    • Rollout Strategy
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Evaluation Philosophy
  • The goal of evaluation is organizational learning
  • It should be a collaborative process that is useful
  • Each client (and therefore evaluation) is unique

Hammond is a certified partner and value added reseller of Scala and BrightSign, the world’s most powerful digital signage software platforms.