So, you are operating a digital signage system...

  • Quantify Effectiveness
  • Review Communication Strategy and Technology
  • Refine to Meet New Objectives
  • Network Operations
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Content Creation / Scheduling
  • Maintenance / Repair
  • Hosting

Why consider outsourcing the operation of your digital signage network? Operating a digital signage system is not your core business. Digital signage practitioners who employ proven “best practices” can lower your operating costs, improve content effectiveness and optimize workflow efficiencies.

Not only are we solutions providers, but we are also practitioners with experience operating digital signage networks across the US. Here are some of the ways we can help operate your network.

Lower Operational Costs

Hammond’s proven Digital Signage “Life Extension and Maintenance” (LEM) program is a 15-point roadmap to getting the most out of your equipment. The LEM program includes, among others, simple items like setting display devices to power down during off hours (extending the life and lowering the maintenance and replacement costs), preventive maintenance schedules and software updates (instrumental in preventing CPU hang-ups and component overheating), to more complex items like network health monitoring and media player re-boot applications.

Furthermore, we can lower the “soft” costs that operating a digital signage network will demand of your staff. We know that your staff is busy and not likely to have the proper skills or time necessary to effectively manage the content on your network. In contrast, Hammond’s staff of trained professionals creates and manages content on digital signage systems every day. We deploy proven practices that streamline production and management processes saving you money due to lost and frustrated man hours.

"Working with Hammond has been outstanding. They've been able to handle every single request. I highly recommend the system that Hammond has created."

Justin Markle, National Sales Manager - Duke Energy Center

Improve Content Effectiveness

Hammond knows how to make your communications more effective by optimizing message/playlist lengths and order, use of appropriate and relevant graphics, deploying best practices for optimizing text content, size, style and contrast as well as proper use of animation. The result is a more effective communications that utilizes your investment to its fullest potential.

Contact Us for a copy of our Digital Signage Content Creation Tips.

Efficient Workflow

Often times, digital signage systems are underutilized due to the lack of an efficient workflow process for getting information on the network in a timely and directed fashion. Hammond specializes in deploying efficient content management workflow processes that features seamless integration, continuous engagement of content stakeholders with streamlined approval procedures and quick content delivery via customized content templates. The result is a highly efficient process that feeds content to your audience in a timely manner maximizing your investment in this communication medium.

Hammond is a certified partner and value added reseller of Scala and BrightSign, the world’s most powerful digital signage software platforms.