Hammond’s flexible services can provide you with a complete turn-key solution, or simply hire us for the part you need. Either way, you are partnering with a company that knows how to get the job done, on-time and within the budget.

Consultation and Design

You know you need “Digital Signage” and you’ve read up on all the components like software and hardware. But how do you make sense of it all? If you are an IT person, you understand all the components but what is the Content Strategy? If you are in communications, you may know what you want to say, but how does it get to the screen?

Hammond has been designing and building effective digital signage solutions in a variety of industries for years. You can benefit from our knowledge when you leverage our expertise in creating the right solution for you. We know what each of your “camps” are looking for, how to communicate with them and how to pull everyone together towards a successful cohesive project.

Hammond will work closely with you to understand all the digital signage objectives, priorities and communication goals so that Hammond can design and implement a system that meets or exceeds expectations. Hammond’s objective is to gain and document an in-depth understanding of communication goals, audiences, physical location, IT systems, content creation requirements, 3rd party resources, reporting guidelines, and operational practices. At the conclusion of the Consultation and Design, Hammond will provide a document detailing the findings and results.

Project Management

A digital signage project involves every part of your business. IT, marketing/communications, management, engineering are all stakeholders. We know that your overall satisfaction with the project is contingent on effective management. This is why Hammond has devised a project management process tailored specifically for this industry.

Our proven approach is to coordinate the proper technical and content resources to guide and assist with the implementation of your solution. Our process provides you with a clear project timeline that begins with a “kick-off” meeting to engage all stake holders and continues through installation, training and operations.

  • Needs Analysis (Content, Workflow, Network)
  • Discovery (Site Survey, Existing Assets, Connectivity)
  • Specification (Hardware, A/V Distribution)
  • Programming (Applications, ScalaScripting)
  • Content (Style Development, Design, Creation, Initial Library)
  • Procurement (Hardware, A/V Distribution)
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Support (Level 1-3, Remote Assistance)
  • Network Operations (Content Creation & Scheduling, Network Monitoring)
  • Measurement


Hammond distinguishes itself from all others, in part, because we are a full service multi-media solutions provider with more than 30 years of experience. Our staff includes an award-winning team made up of directors, writers, videographers, editors, software programmers, developers, engineers and graphic artists. As such, we provide full service content creation and content management solutions.

Content Strategy

The right message is one that gets attention and conveys the professional look and feel that best represents your image. To utilize a digital signage system to its utmost, all messages or “promotions” which are displayed should be well designed, engaging and effective. Hammond excels at learning your environment and advising on the proper content strategy that addresses all workflow, branding and communication issues.

Content Creation

Beginning with our exclusive “Style Development” process, Hammond will help to determine the types of templates required and the most effective use of art direction, graphic design, font size, character count and composition to brand and design various templates which the venue can easily edit and repurpose onto the network.

Content Management

In planning, the task of managing content across your network can be overlooked. Often, companies try to internalize this task with limited or unfavorable results. Hammond specializes in managing content over digital signage networks. We can often do this task at less cost and greater efficiency than internal resources. We have a proven process that easily integrates to your work flow resulting in accurate and timely management of your content.


Hammond understands the mix of technology necessary for demanding digital signage deployments. Not beholden to any one hardware or software manufacturer, we believe in bringing you the right solution to suit your needs. .


Although many properly implemented components and processes will determine a successful and effective digital signage network, the software platform is perhaps the most important component of the entire solution. Hammond recommends that you consider Scala’s InfoChannel 5 platform suite.


Hammond is a Certified Partner of Scala, the world’s largest manufacturer of digital signage software, and, in our opinion, “best of breed.” The Scala software platform – InfoChannel 5 – is an ideal solution for your facilities. InfoChannel 5 enables central control of the system including content authoring, sourcing, playback, monitoring and other functions pertinent to operating an efficient DSS. Within the international marketplace today, Scala’s software is driving more than 50,000 media players networked to over 300,000 displays. Founded in 1987, Scala pioneered the cable TV industry with software and services to allow users to create localized channels inexpensively.


Selecting the proper hardware up-front can greatly reduce headaches down the road. Hammond will advise you on the variety of options available for your informed decision. Hammond is a reseller of almost all major digital signage hardware brands such as:

  • Display: NEC, LG, Samsung
  • Media Player: Equus
  • A/V Distribution: Minicom, Magenta, ZeeVeePro
  • Mounts: Premier and Chief
  • Other: Touch Screen, Outdoor displays, Kiosks
System Configuration

Whether you are starting from scratch or expanding an existing network, system components (media players, etc…) need to have proper configuration.


Upon acceptance of the Digital Signage System (DSS) Proposal, Hammond will procure and assemble the hardware and software components, some of which will be shipped to Hammond for set up and testing. Optionally, the entire system may be shipped directly to you.


Our technical team will set up each component per the demands of the network, content and customers specifications.


Our staff includes certified Scala technician skilled at the proper software configuration. We are also programmers able to create applications and code functionality (e.g. POS integration) into you system.

Zones / Playlist:

We configure your digital signage channel(s) to have the proper zone configuration that is loaded with a content playlist ready to go from day one.


Often, larger entities will have in-house capability for installing the components of your infrastructure. However, Hammond can assist you with the installation or modification of digital signage system infrastructure through local or national installation partners. From site survey to final “punch” list, our partners have proven digital signage installation track records and compliment our ability to devise the right solution for your facility.

We are committed to the successful installation of your system; as such, our technicians typically set up and fully test key hardware and software components prior to shipping to the client. This process ensures the installation process will be efficient and that your system will be operational from day one.

Network Operations / Remote Assistance

A state-of-the-art operations center serves as the nerve center for our Network Operations services. From this location, Hammond manages content, monitors and manages the health of the network and more. Hammond has the ability to assist you in an on-demand manner ensuring that issues can be addressed and remedied quickly and effectively. Hammond’s Remote Assistance Program typically utilizes a VNC / VPN connection as a secure means to allow Hammond’s technical support staff and workstations the ability to access a remote digital signage system for operational assistance and control. To find out more, ask us about our Service Level Agreements.

Health Monitoring

Hammond utilizes software applications to monitor the overall health of your digital signage system. While monitoring, we perform a number diagnostic activities such as checking the media player health, confirm connection to the network and more.

Content Management

We can manage the trafficking and scheduling of content ensuring the right message runs at the right location at the right time. We have quality control processes that ensure optimal playback of media assets. We even provide archiving services to store messages for future use.


Most of the time, failure in a system can come from loss of connectivity (e.g. to the Internet) or power interruptions. Whatever the cause, our remote capabilities can assist in troubleshooting and resolving issues.


Hammond can facilitate the overall maintenance of all Hardware and Software components of your system. From cleaning screens once a year to implementing software upgrades, Hammond will maintain your system to the highest level of performance through industry leading third party providers.


Hammond’s digital signage systems built on the Scala platform are user-friendly and designed to expedite your workflow. Typically, a limited amount of training is needed to fully utilize your new system. In most cases, Hammond can provide system documentation and a certain level of on-site training. However, if advanced training is needed, users can elect to have Scala train them either on-site or at the Scala’s training facilities located in Pennsylvania and California.

Scala End-User Training

This class is exclusively for End Users of Scala 5 software. We define End Users as people that would use our product to perform their job. The two-day foundation course covers essential topics in each of the Scala 5 software components so that students will be able to create, save, modify, and publish Scala Scripts using Scala Designer, and use those scripts to make playlists, schedules, and channels in Scala Content Manager. Prerequisites: This class is for anyone interested in learning how to use Scala 5. No previous Scala experience necessary, although students should have a basic computer literacy.

Hammond is a certified partner and value added reseller of Scala and BrightSign, the world’s most powerful digital signage software platforms.